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There are many rewarding ways to help the cats at OCSP Cat Rescue. We appreciate every donation, small or large, every loving foster home, and, of course, every hard-working volunteer! 


If time is what you'd like to give, we have plenty of rewarding opportunities. Contact us if you're interested in any of the following opportunities or if you have some suggestions for other ways you can help!


The rescue work we do is directly linked to how many foster homes that we have. Right now we are desperately seeking foster homes. This consists of keeping rescued cats/kittens in your home until they find their forever home. We ALWAYS have kitties that need a foster home. Especially during kitten season!


You can specify particular preferences (kittens/special needs/ willing to medicate/willing to isolate/etc). We get many calls requesting us to take in strays or owner surrendered pets and even though we would love to be able to accommodate everybody we are only able to help those for which we have foster homes. For this reason you would literally be saving lives by  fostering pets in need. We will guide you through the basics if you have never fostered before and even if you have we will always be available to answer questions and assist in the transition to the foster home. Please email us if you are interested in fostering.

Note: It is best to use Internet Explorer to fill out the form. Depending on your browser, you may need to first download the fillable document to your computer, then proceed to fill it out and save it. 


We need people to clean our kennels and check on the cats at all of our Petco catteries on a daily basis. You'll scoop litter boxes to be sure, but you will also get to play with the cats to your heart's content, and quickly become known as The One With the Food, loved by all. Shifts take about an hour, and you can take on as many or as few shifts per week as you want. the cats are counting on you for food and other basic needs so you MUST show up for your shifts or give reasonable notice if you cannot make it.


We need regular volunteers to come to our weekly adoption events, and occasionally fundraisers, to help set up, greet potential adopters, and keep the cats entertained.

Note: It is best to use Internet Explorer to fill out the form. Depending on your browser, you may need to first download the fillable document to your computer, then proceed to fill it out and save it. 



Other ways you can help

Help us give kittens and cats the care they need by donating! We have a donation fee to cover the most basic and necessary treatments done for every cat. Although we try to have the adoption fee cover these expenses, many cats we rescue require extra medical attention such as the common eye infection in kittens. Every donation helps protect and house homeless cats. We ALWAYS need more donations for vet bills! Here is what everything typically costs for a new cat we rescue: 


Rabies: $7

FvRCP combo shot: $10
(3 shots required for kittens amounting to $30 for a kitten)

FeLV/FIV test: $20

Microchip: $10

Spay: $65

Neuter: $45

Boarding: $11/night

Dry food: $5/week per cat

Wet food: $5/week per cat

Momma cat and kittens hard food: $10/week per cat and kittens

Momma cat and kittens soft food: $20/week per cat and kittens

Litter: $13.50/week/cat Wish List

chewy wish list.jpg

Do you order pet supplies from Chewy? We have a Wish List!


You can purchase gift cards, food, toys, cat litter and other things on our list for our cats. Chewy takes care of the rest for you by shipping it directly to us. It’s so easy, and our fur babies appreciate it.


We always need food and litter. Just click on the cart icon to add it to your donation shopping cart. After you check out, Chewy takes care of the delivery.

Use Amazon Smile!

Here is a small example screenshot to help you out!

You probably shop on right? Well did you know you can support a charity of your choice by going to amazon smile? A portion of your purchase price will automatically be donated by Amazon to your chosen charity! 

To help support OCSP Cat Rescue so that we can continue to rescue cats and provide them with health care and forever homes, please choose "OC Small Paws" as your charity next time you shop on! 

Still have questions? Click here or the FAQ link below to read how it works.

Buy a Catio!

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