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4 Reason to Adopt a Senior Cat

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Senior cats need love, too. Here is our senior cat spotlight and the reasons they make great pets.

  • Number 1 They need Less Supervision: Older cats know their way around. They are less likely to jump on the counter and they can’t run behind the fridge like a kitten. They are emotionally mature and more independent, so they know how to occupy themselves with toys. They are already trained to use the litterbox, too.

  • Number 2 Less Trouble, More Snuggle: Older cats get tired faster and are going to want to spend more of their time cuddling. If you’re looking for a “lap cat,” you will have better luck with an older cat than a younger one who needs to run around and expel all that kitten energy.

  • Number 3 They have an Established Routine: Older cats have been around the block and they know what’s what. They understand when breakfast is and when dinner is. They know if they like (or don’t like) other cats or children or dogs, so there isn’t any guess work involved. Ask a volunteer about the cat to see what type of a family they are used to.

  • Number 4 Homes are the Best Place: Shelters and kennels are more stressful to older cats who often come to shelters as owner surrenders. They are used to living in a home, so a change in environment is stressful and when cats are stressed, they can lash out, scaring away potential adopters. Their temperament in a home is much different than a kennel where there are other smells and strangers walking by. Senior cats are also frequently overlooked, but the want a home just as much as that younger cat.

Fill our an application and email it to us at Include the name of the cat you are interested in adopting in the subject line.

OCSP adoption application
Download PDF • 447KB

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