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Meow and Furr-ever Part 1

This Valentine’s Day as we celebrate everlasting love, we also want to embrace the permanence of pet ownership. Our campaign, Meow and Furr-ever, is about the love that comes with being a pet owner.

Our cats bring us joy every single day, and that’s why we want to focus on the “forever” part of adoption. This series will help pet owners prepare for a new furry friend or share some tips even seasoned pet owners will find helpful.

This blog post is all about featuring our fabulous shelter cats. We've created some Valentine's Day cards for all you lovely people to download for free. Donations are encouraged.

Suggested donation is $5 per Valentine. They come in packs of 5, 8, and 10.

5 Pack Features: Marshy, Otter Pop, Dawn, Spencer, and Hanselle & Gretel

5 pack jpeg
Download ZIP • 497KB

8 Pack Features: All those plus Snow White, Taylor, and London & Paris

8 pack jpeg
Download ZIP • 833KB

10 Pack Features: All those plus Pixie and Baby Blue.

10 pack jpeg
Download ZIP • 1.03MB

*Note that some of these kitties have been adopted since the creation of their Valentine. At the time of publication the available kitties are London & Paris, Hanselle & Gretel, Snow White, Spencer, Pixie, Baby Blue, Taylor, and Otter Pop.

We hope you like our Valentine's and share them with your loved ones. Keep an eye out for the next part in this series where we talk about the financial side of owning a pet. Thanks for reading. Be sure to sign up for our Mewsletter!

Your financial donations keep our shelter running. Thank you. Donate here.

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