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All Levels of Volunteers Needed!

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

OCSP Rescue Volunteer Application 2023
Download DOCX • 14KB

We can’t rescue cats alone. We need people to help us keep this rescue going. Do you want to join our rescue network?

OCSP foster application
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Top of the Chain--A decent amount of work

Board Members: Several board members are retiring from the rescue soon, and we need to have people lined up to replace them. Board Members are roles like President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We have several slots to fill. Some transportation may be required, so proximity to Orange County is preferred. But a lot of the work can be done remotely.

Board members must be familiar with Excel, Word, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and PDFs. Your responsibilities include coordinating vet visits, checking in on fosters, communicating with other board members via text, calls, and email, and filling out paperwork for our charity. Familiarity with 501c3 is a bonus.

Without enough board members, we can’t take care of the business side of the rescue. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into keeping a rescue going. All our current board members have jobs, so they can’t take on more responsibility when the others retire. This position would be great for someone with a flexible work schedule, someone who works part-time, or someone who is retired and looking for a way to give back with their time. In addition to a volunteer application, include what experience you have working in a leadership position on a team. Email your volunteer application to

Middle of the Chain--A medium amount of work

Fosters: We are desperate for fosters. The reality is we can’t keep up with the demand to take in cats, and neither can other rescues. Kitten season from 2022 never really stopped, and this year's kitten season will be just as bad. Additionally, hardships and life changes mean some people need to surrender their cats. Can you provide a temporary home for cats in need while we look for their forever home? We provide the supplies. We ask that fosters take the cat to a few adoption events each month, so people can view the cat. We also ask that fosters take photos/videos of the cat, so we can post them on our social media pages. When you submit the foster application, let us know if you have experience with bottle feeding, giving medication, etc. Email the foster application to with “Foster” in the subject line.

Easy Peasey--A small amount of work

Kennel Cleaners: This is a great way to help if you’ve owned cats before. Kennel cleaners/cat socializers are trained, and shifts are short (2-3 hours). However, you are with the cats mostly on your own. You are in Petco, so you are never fully alone, but we need people experienced with cat behavior for these positions. It would be great for a pair of people! Grab your best friend, and both of you fill out an application for the same day. You two can chat while you clean/play with cats. Shifts are for the same day every week and always start in the morning between 8:00am-10:00am. You need to commit to a minimum of six months, you need reliable transportation to Petco, and you need to be able to text and send/receive photos with your phone. We have four locations: Westminster, Huntington Beach, Tustin, and Mission Viejo. Please indicate which location you would like to volunteer at. Email the volunteer application to with “Kennel Cleaner” in the subject line.

Adoption Events: This is honestly the easiest way you can volunteer. We have adoption events every Saturday at our Huntington Beach and Tustin locations and two Sundays a month at our Westminster location. Shifts are 4 hours. We need people to help set up the tables, chat with potential volunteers, and clean up the tables. If you have minimal cat experience and want to volunteer, consider signing up to help man a booth in Petco a few times a month. You will not be there alone. Seasoned volunteers are there to guide you, and you can learn more about our rescue. This is also good for a pair of people. Email the volunteer application to with “Adoption Event Volunteer” in the subject line.

Social Media: Do you have social media experience? We’d love to expand our social media team. Familiarity with Canva is a plus, but we can train you. It’s very user-friendly. Most of the work can be done remotely. Occasionally, we need someone to go to an event and take pictures for social. You will make 2 posts per week with guidance on topics. See our Facebook page for examples. We use text and email to communicate. We are looking for multiple people for this role. When you submit your application, let us know what experience you have with social media. Email the volunteer application to with “social media content” in the subject line.

Under 18: While you need to be 18+ to volunteer with us, there are ways you can help if you are younger. Talk to your school, your club, your youth group, etc., and see if you can coordinate a food/goods drive! We will put together a list of our most needed items. You run the food/goods drive, and we will coordinate with you and your guardians about collecting the donations. We always need cat food, cat toys, paper towels, gloves, etc. First, make sure you can coordinate a drive. Next, have your guardian email us at with a tentative plan with “Donation Drive” in the subject line.

Other: Photography, digital art, video editing, sewing, or any other skill you can offer? Submit an application and let us know how you can help!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. This is so simple, but it helps us a lot. The more followers, Likes, and Shares we generate, the more the algorithm pushes our content to new people. Plus, when you share a post, your network sees cats in need. You reach a new audience that we couldn’t without you.

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