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Peggy Sue got Babies

Peggy is a survivor. She was pregnant and living on the streets, but she was resourceful. Her meows caught the attention of a kind-hearted Petco employee. OCSP Cat Rescue stepped in and took her to the vet. Thankfully, we found a foster willing to take her in! She has food, water, and a cozy bed. Peggy was grateful for their kindness and recently gave birth to six kittens, just a few weeks after we took her in. She was so skinny when she first got to her foster home. You could tell being pregnant had taken a significant toll on her health. Peggy will never go hungry again. Her kittens were born in a warm home and not on the street, where they most likely would have died, especially with the storms we’ve been having.


We cannot handle more intake with such a small foster team. Please open your home to a cat or a bonded pair if you can. We provide supplies and medical care. Please share this post with your friends. Fill out a foster application and email it to us at with “foster application” in the subject line. We need you to save lives.

We are in desperate need of fosters. So many cats are still being surrendered or dumped. Fosters are vital in rescue work because we can’t take in cats if we have nowhere to place them! Had Peggy gone to a municipal shelter, she and her kittens would have been in danger of euthanasia. (more about this in our upcoming newsletter).

Fostering cats is very rewarding; if just 2% of pet owners opened their homes to just one cat a year, we could end preventable euthanasia.

Ways to Help

  • Spay and neuter your cats--all legitimate rescues will do this before adoption.

  • Foster cats with us.

  • Find a TNR program near you to volunteer with.

  • Remind people that one unaltered female cat can have four litters a year.

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