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Welcome to OCSP Cat Rescue's blog. On here, we will post news about our rescue work, upcoming findraiser and adoption events, impact stories, and general cool things about cats.

If you’re new around here, this is OCSP in a nutshell. On our website, you can find all our applications—adopt, foster, or volunteer.

  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for information about our organization, for special adoption stories, and for cat caring tips.

  • We are a foster-based organization, meaning the majority of our cats are housed in a foster home until they are ready for adoption. Sign up to be a foster and save lives! Email with your application to get started.

  • We are 100% volunteer-run. All our fosters, kennel cleaners, cat socializers, and organization officers dedicate their time to keeping this rescue afloat. Sign up to be a volunteer and give back to your community and contribute to helping the cats in your community. Email with your application to get started. We have 4 locations that need kennel cleaners and socializers.

  • We have weekly adoption events on Saturdays at Petco in Huntington Beach and Petco in Tustin. (And we need volunteers to run them, too!)

  • We are funded mostly by public donations and occasionally grants. If you can’t adopt or donate your time, please consider donating funds to keep us going. Like all rescues, we ALWAYS have medical bills that need funds.

  • We are NOT a TNR (Trap Neuter/Spay Return) organization. At this time, unfortunately we lack the resources to trap stray cats. If you are interested in getting involved with an organization in Orange County that does TNR work or cat colony feeding, check out OC Community Cats and Del Gato Rescue to name a few. These organizations always need trappers.

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